Sample Admission Agreement Personal Care Home

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This is not part of the authorization agreement, but an important document that covers the care needs of a single resident. If you are not satisfied with the terms, try negotiating another agreement and amending the agreement to reflect that. Both parties change, as do any other legal documents. You can, for example. B, negotiate reduced notice if you feel you may be moving in the future. There is no charge for the provision of an agreement. This legal document protects the resident and the nursing home/hospital by defining the responsibilities of both parties. Health care providers must have a licensing contract. Ask to take the agreement with you and study carefully. If there`s something you don`t realize, let yourself be advised.

The accreditation contract is required to cover issues such as liability for damage or loss of residents` belongings, staff, resident safety and safety, transportation guidelines, procedures, fees, claim procedures and information on when a resident should leave an institution. The care plan explains how to provide care to a resident. Ideally, it should be written in agreement with you and the family/whanau so that you can make informed care decisions. If you have specific nutritional needs. B or if the family wants to be notified if you have a fall, the care plan is where this information is recorded. If you want to change some of your care, the plan is the basis of the discussion. Care plans must be reviewed every six months or in the event of a change in health status. The authorization agreement should include any additional costs. By signing, you agree to bear these costs if you use the services listed. Some institutions may ask you to provide a deposit for payment.

Suppliers cannot charge you for services that are already part of the Regional Public Health Authority`s contract. These are called Contracted Care Services. Services generally include visits from family physicians, medications and continence products. This is included in the age-related home care contract [PDF, 460 KB], section D13. Treated.