Staples Driver Release Agreement

Posted on give me a hard time to get a replacement or be refunded so I can just buy the chair from my local store? X_________________ I understand that my signature authorizes Staples to leave my mailing at my address, even if no one is available to accept it. I also understand that Staples is not liable for any losses or damages that may result from the delivery request I filed in this agreement. Please note that, in some cases, your order may not be indicated for unlocking the signature. The delivery driver leaves a watchword indicating how to receive your order. All shipments that are destined for outside Canada or imported into Canada are subject to customs duties and taxes. Customs duties and taxes as well as any other applicable customs clearance tax may be levied against a shipment on the basis of customs value, description of goods, country of origin and, in some cases, the reason for the export. The tariff or tariff is determined by the harmonized system code (SH code) and by all trade agreements that might apply to transfers. All printing issues must be forwarded to our marine navigation service by chatting or calling us at 1-800-459-5599. Shipping to a U.S. or international destination may require more information than shipping domestic territory. If you are sending out of Canada, you must complete a number of forms and accompany your package.

Visit our U.S. International Shipping to check out a variety of topics related to importing and exporting your packages internationally, including customs documentation, customs duties and taxes, as well as general information and advice. Please note that if more than one order is delivered, we require that a separate signature sharing contract be entered into for each order. The commercial invoice is not a controlled document and can be presented in any format, provided the necessary items are available. The following information is required to complete the business invoice. Mandatory items are marked with an asterisk: We have over 1,300 comfortable shipping locations across Canada. Find a shipping location near you.