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End-of-study programs may have exchange agreements with similar programs with other institutions. Students should consult their graduate advisor or UBC student mobility programs. To sign up for a PIMS digital course for the Western Deans` agreement, you must obtain the consent of the course manager. Once you have obtained your consent, complete the approval form of Western deans. The completed form must be returned to your study advisor who signs it and takes the necessary steps. For students on PIMS sites, you will find below a list of postgraduate advisors, contacts for other sites can be accessed on the contact page of Western Deans` Agreement . Note that: The Western Deans` Agreement provides an automatic exemption from tuition fees for invited students. Graduates who pay normal tuition fees in their home institution do not pay tuition fees to the host institution. However, students generally have to pay other incidental fees to the host institution (up to $250) or explicitly apply for exemptions (for example.

B insurance or travel expenses). Students who have been admitted to courses (with the exception of studies governed by the Western Council agreement and other specially agreed study contracts) must be enrolled for these courses by the Faculty of Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Studies. They are assessed with current tuition fees, plus authorized tuition fees (see tuition section). If you would like help filling out the contract form for Western deans, please contact your institution`s graduate advisor. More information about the agreement is available on the Western Deans` Agreement website. This agreement was established in 1974 as an expression of cooperation and mutual assistance between universities offering graduate programs in Western Canada. Its main objective is the mutual enrichment of graduation programs across Western Canada. Under this agreement, graduates of member institutions can take courses at another member institution without having to pay the host university`s tuition fees. There are two types of invited students (excluding those governed by the Western Deans` Agreement and other specific agreements): the Western Deans`Agreement provides an automatic tuition exemption for invited students from participating universities. Under these provisions, graduates with a good reputation at UBC can enrol in one of the universities listed below without paying tuition fees.

The same applies to students from other participating institutions who wish to take courses or research at UBC. Students engaged in research activities must be enrolled in the non-loan “Visiting Graduate Student” (VGRD 500 for master`s or VGRD 600 for PhD students). The fee for each registration for this activity, which includes either Winter Session Term 1 and/or Term 2 or Summer Session, is tuition for a thesis credit plus authorized student fees. It is a basic postgraduate course with introduction to algebraic topology and its applications in combinatory, graph theory and geometry. The course covers the introductory chapters of [1] and the parts of [2]. With a guest lecture by Nati Linial of Israel, we will also address several topical topics such as the topology of random simplistic complexes. The course director expects students interested in topology and those who have the stimulation of discrete mathematics and geometry to consider the course appropriate. . The recommended prerequisites are a solid course (preferably graduated) in elementary number theory and a graduation course in analytical number theory that contained evidence of the prime number and the corresponding explicit formula.