Which Theory States That Governments Originated With An Agreement

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We cannot show that the Constitution is a pact between governments. The Constitution itself refutes this idea in its own hands; declares that it is ordained and founded by the people of the United States. It is not even said that it is established by the governments of the various states, but that it is not even built by men in several states; but he says it is established by people in the United States, in the sum…. When the Lord says that the Constitution is a pact between states, he uses a language that applies precisely to the old covenant. He speaks as if he were in Congress before 1789. It describes quite the old state of affairs that existed at the time. The alliance was strictly speaking a compact; States, as states, were contracting parties. We had no other government. But this was deemed insufficient and insufficient for public needs. People were not satisfied and committed to a better one. They have committed to forming a government that should be based on new foundations; no confederation, no league, no interstate pacts, but constitution; a popular government formed in popular elections, directly accountable to the people and divided into branches with limits of power and compulsory duties.

They ordered such a government, they gave it the name of a Constitution where they saw a separation of powers between it, its government and its various governments. [5] In the early days of the cosmic cycle, humanity lived on an immaterial plane and danced on the air in a kind of fairytale country, where there was no need for food or clothing, and no private property, family, government or laws. Then, gradually, the process of cosmic decay began its work, and humanity became bound to the earth and felt the need for food and protection. When people lost their primitive fame, class differences emerged, and they made agreements between them and accepted the institution of private property and the family. With this theft began murder, adultery and other crimes, and so people came together and decided to appoint a man among them to maintain order in exchange for some of the produce from their fields and herds. He was called “the Great Elect” (Mahasammata), and he received the title of raja because it pleased the people. [9] 32. Animals that are unable to enter into binding agreements not to cause or suffer harm are neither justice nor wrong; Similarly, for peoples who either could not or did not want to enter into binding agreements, so as not to do harm or suffer damage.